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5 Crucial Points to Choose the Right China Glass Bong Manufacturers

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As we all know, the main production of glass bong is from China. So many glass bong manufacturers and wholesale glass bongs suppliers can be found in the market, but choosing the most suitable one among the numerous suppliers is a headache.

I once worked as a buyer for a France gift company, and during that time, I found many problems with suppliers.

At that time, I need to check the inventory once a week. I need to send the item number, which is less than three months (our order cycle), to my boss, check the sales condition and give me the list of repeat orders, then I will place these orders to manufacturers accordingly. Because our company has been established for decades, we have stable manufacturers for high-quality glass bongs, herb grinders, and other smoking accessories.

a working woman

We place a big amount of orders every year, so even it’s a 2000 pcs small order, the supplier will also take it as a favor. But when the old supplier increases too much percent of the price, I have to find a new supplier to replace it.

For new suppliers, our company has a strict inspection standard: factory audit, copy of the business license, agreements and contracts, test certification, QC inspection for goods…

If the order quantity is small, and we want to buy from the big smoking accessory factory, the boss is unwilling to do small orders. If we’re going to cooperate with a small factory, the boss will worry about can’t meet our standard, if the first inspection failed, we will charge a re-inspection fee. They need to pay the rework cost, and there is no profit left. They don’t want to take a risk.

Therefore, every time to find a new glass bong manufacturer is a new round of running-in period. It takes time and energy.

So based on my experience, I have summarized 5 points about glass bong suppliers selection and hope to bring you some thoughts. Don’t think we are a small wholesaler, and it will not have any reference value. The point is to understand the underlying logic of choosing a suitable supplier. OK, now let’s begin.

1. The quality glass bong that you want to buy

Amazon product page

Imagine you’re shopping on Amazon, and the first thing you do is typing in “glass pipe.” (because there is a little result of “glass bong” in Amazon, I use glass pipe, for example.) Then it pops in a variety of pipes.

You have to be attracted by the product you’re interested in before click on the details page. When it feels right, you may click on the seller’s home page to see if there are other related products, like herb grinder, downstem, or glass bong.

In the same way, on the China B2B platform or at a trade show which you can find wholesale bongs manufacturers easily; you see the products you want to buy first, then you decide to inquire with the supplier.

Amazon glass pipe product page

At this point, you can try Google image or image function of any other search engine

To find out if the product is a generic mold or a proprietary product. If it’s a generic product, you can bench-marking with other suppliers. If it’s a patented product, you can learn more information from the manufacturer, like size, material, and ask them for a sample if necessary. Check product quality and value for money to see if you’re working with them.

Below is a YouTube video shows you how to do a reverse image search.

How to Do a Reverse Image Search From Your Phone (available for both iPhone and Android)

2. Good quality

When you start a business and find a supplier, he said, we have high-quality glass bong. You may be excited because you are lucky enough the first supplier you talked to is a good quality one. But when you speak to the second, third, and hundreds of them, each of them emphasizes that “Our glass bongs are in good/high quality.” You must be sick of this expression.

Of course, the most important thing is that the product has excellent quality. But have you ever really think about what do you mean by saying good quality? Durable enough to last a lifetime? Unbreakable? Don’t be silly, if the quality is as good as this, and the price will be very high. Don’t forget, the smoking accessory is fast-selling goods, and customers always like new stuff.

New is always better. There is no meaning to pursue the perfect quality.

If that haunts you, let me tell you a story.

My ex-boss was planning to sell quartz banger, and he asked me to inquiry into two glass bong manufacturers–A and B. Supplier A sells the quartz banger with cheap quality. Supplier B’s quartz banger uses import material. Supplier B’s product is 3 times expensive than supplier A’s. We made the test, and they do have differences. But from the outside, we really can’t distinguish them. My ex-boss chose supplier B, and sure some stoners know the value, but most customers think they are the same and rather buy the cheap one from somewhere else.

D&K‘s quartz banger

When we say good quality, we mean that the general public can accept the extent to which there will be few complaints or even no complaints. It’s usage life at the industry average or above average. The customer is entirely satisfied, willing to shop again; this is the true meaning of good quality.

3. At a reasonable price.

a box of dollars

After check the quality of the glass bong, the next issue is the price. Many people who are just starting a business think that the lower the price they purchased, the higher the self-owned profit will be. It’s a lot more complicated than that.

When I want to wholesale a certain type of glass bong, two suppliers sell this model. Supplier A, very passive, squeezes the reply like toothpaste, and his price is $1.60. Supplier B is very proactive, he solved many problems for me, but the price is a little higher, $1.80. In that case, if you were me, who will you choose? I chose “B. “

To me, the extra $0.20 on his product is the added value because his cooperation has saved me a lot of time and energy. Although I have sacrificed a little profit, if I had done it myself, the cost would have been more than $0.20, so his price is acceptable and reasonable to me.

Remember the price level is not the decisive factor of the order; the cost-effective is.


When you’re interested in working with a supplier, you may want him/her to be a product expert. He/she can answer all of your questions, preferably with years of experience exporting to your country and a certain level of understanding of your market. If you’re purchasing a product that requires mandatory testing certification, it’s great that it comes with it.

However, such supplier who can do all of these things will be someone who has experience working with a big company. Such suppliers are very popular, and the price may not be affordable for you.

That’s why I titled this Article “5 crucial points to choose the right China glass bong manufacturers” instead of “5 crucial points to Choose the best China glass bong manufacturers. “


If this type of supplier is not suitable for you, then look for others.

The beginning of the cooperation is certainly a break-in period. It is not possible to start very smoothly. As a result, the suppliers you find may not be perfect. Maybe he/she knows the product, but he/she doesn’t know anything about the market. Maybe he/she’s experienced in exporting, but he/she doesn’t know your market well…

A vendor like this, working with him/her, growing with him/her, sooner or later, you will find that he/she is more and more aware of your preferences. He /she can provide you with personalized solutions to your situation, recommend the products for you to sell. He/she becomes the one who gets you.

When you do such cooperation with a glass bong manufacturer, you are in the same boat.


There is no doubt that the degree of cooperation is an essential factor in considering a supplier in an emergency, such as early delivery or controlling inventory delays. You negotiate with the supplier, and he/she can do his/her best to give you a better result.

Emergencies don’t happen often, but in the process of communication, you can judge a vendor’s compliance by how quickly they respond to your requests. When something goes wrong, he/she doesn’t drop all the problems on you. You can rely on him/her to solve your problems. You are partners, not just buyers and sellers.

You know the core of business is win-win, win-win supply and demand, to be able to last long.


Remember, what suits you is the best.

Hope this article could help you on choosing quality glass bong manufacturers;)

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