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Wenzhou Dengke Electronics Co., LTD

We are a manufacturing enterprise of smoking set for over 16 years. We are specialize at glass bong/hookah, glass pipe, metal pipe, grinder, and other smoking accessories.

We only work with the wholesalers, and we have good cooperation with more than 200 wholesalers worldwide.

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I had a container of goods before, and we had a little contradiction. I swore I would never buy products in Dengke again. Funny how they sold out in a short time. I have to broke my word. Of course, our misunderstandings eliminated, and the cooperation was pleased. No one will give up the opportunity to make more money, will you?
5 years' customer

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Providing customization solutions to help you build your business well.

– Offering your best support on products’ perfect balance between performance and cost.

– Helping you develop and win more local market by new and enduring products.

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We believe business is not only trading for goods but also a value delivery through innovation and cooperation.

We hope we can help you boost your business with our product.

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