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Dengke glass bong

How to use a Bong?

What is Bong? A bong is a smoking and filtration device that is used to smoke different herbal substances like cannabis and tobacco. It is also known as a water pipe. Bong uses ice or water as the filtration system. According to some bong manufacturers and experts, the word “bong” is originated from the Thai word “Baung” meaning a cylindrical water pipe. Bong was first used by US soldiers in 1960 in the USA. If we observe the structure of a typical bong, it consists of 4 different pieces including: Tube/Base Downstem Bowl Mouthpiece But some may also have a percolator, some even have a carb. A bong with carb is in cheap style, however a percolator glass bong is

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dk grinder

How to use a herb grinder?

What is a grinder? And why should you use it? What is a herb grinder? A grinder is a tool for grind the smoking consume. What is a grinder used for? You can use it to grind tobacco, herb spices, or cannabis. When you want to get a better smoking experience, you will not use your finger to crumb your tobacco or herb. Instead, you may like to use a utensil to make it more smokeable. This is why people created the grinder. After more than 60 years of development, for meeting different customers’ demands, there are now various grinders in the market. Today, in this article, you will learn many things about grinders, and most important is, you will

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tree perc

What are the different types of percolator bong?

What is a Percolator bong? When you smoke long enough, you may probably want to start the next level of your smoking experience. And you will know a word, which you may hear before, but back to that time, you have no clue how it works and how many types of them. This word is percolator, or abbreviate as perc. Percolator is being used in the bong; it is unnecessary but can make it more fun when you do bong smoke. It can create smoke diffusion and cooling down the smoke, filter the impurity, and you could enjoy a smoother taste of smoke. Usually, advanced bong with one kind of percolator, as for premium bong, it will combine two or

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What Is Your MOQ?

Our MOQ is different per items. Normally the MOQ of pipes and grinders is about 1500 pcs/item. The MOQ of glass bong is between 120-300 pcs/item. Some item may have a special request, we will remark when we send the quote.

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