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D&K New Glass Bong Serials Release In May 2021

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As we said, our D&K glass bong factory has the strongest R&D ability in China glass bong manufacturers, we research and design at least 3 new patterns of glass bongs, smoking pipes, and herb grinders every month. So, there are always new products that come out every time a customer wants to place an order.

Below are the brand new glass bong serials release in this spring!

Skull Shape Glass Bong with Graffiti

Include the upgrade metal downstem and metal bowl, gift box pack.

Glass Bong Beaker with Luminous Dice

Except the upgrade metal downstem and metal bowl, it also with a luminous dice, gift box pack.

You can enjoy Netflix and high together. Double relax, double fun.

Twisty Coil Perc Bong with Liquid

Twisty coil perc bong with colorful liquid, Include the upgrade metal downstem and metal bowl, gift box pack.

You can also check this youtube video for more patterns.

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