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How Do You Use A Small Glass Bong?

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If you have never seen or used it, a small glass bong or water pipe might confuse you. A glass bong or water pipe is made of glass, though it’s available in other materials too.

Have you just bought a small glass bong? Or maybe you’re planning to buy one but not sure how to use it or whether it’s the right purchase to be made or not. Now that you’re reading this webpage, all your confusion will clear.

Let’s learn about it and its use.

DK 8550 mini glass bubbler

What Is A Mini Glass Bong?

From 4 inches to 3 feet behemoths, glass bongs come in a variety of sizes, designs, and colors to create a unique smoking experience. In other words, each size or design is suitable for a specific time and place.

Generally, any glass bong under 6 inches tall is called a mini glass bong. It may be small in size but give a powerful smoking experience. Just like regular size bongs, mini bongs also feature different designs, materials, and colors.

D&K mini glass bong

What’s The Difference Experience Between Mini Glass Bong And Normal Size Glass Bong?

When it comes to glass bong sizes, there’s no truly right or wrong answer to this. With the right bowl and bong, even a tiny bong packs a powerful punch.

Many people who try small glass bongs for the first time are surprised by the experience it provides. Normal size glass bongs are known for excellent water filtration that gives smooth and massive hits. But, small glass bongs or small water pipes offer a similar experience, given the right bowl and bong.

Small glass bongs improve your experience on other fronts in the following ways:

  • It’s a great travel partner
  • You can afford it easily
  • It’s smooth but not overboard
  • It features durability
  • You can easily turn it into a dab rig

If you’re a practical person, you can enjoy a great smoking experience from a bong of any size.

D&K mini glass hookah

Why Should I Choose A Mini Glass Bong?

Most of the time, the decision to choose a particular glass bong solely depends on personal preference. If one or more of the following scenarios explain you, then you should choose a mini glass bong:

  • You regularly share your glass bong with friends;
  • You always like to carry your glass bong with you and want to take it to parties;
  • If you already have a normal size glass bong but want a secondary bong that’s easier to carry and buy;
  • You have a passion for collecting glass bongs.

You may be a novice and still want to start with a normal size bong, or you might be an expert but attracted to the convenience and cuteness of mini glass bongs. The bottom line is that your decision depends on personal preference.

DK8551 mini glass waterpipe

How Do You Use A Mini Glass Bong?

For a device that features numerous sizes and materials, you may see it as a complicated device. But you’d be pleasantly surprised to know how simple its use is.

  • Step 1: Fill the bong with water to cover ⅓ of its base.
  • Step 2: Whatever herb you’re planning to smoke, shred its dry leaves and fill the bowl with it, leaving enough gap for air to pass through.
  • Step 3: Now use a lighter and light it up! If there’s any carb hole in the bank, cover it so that the smoke travels to the mouthpiece.
  • Step 4: Inhale smoke from the mouthpiece, and beginners should take small hits.

Below is a video for how to use DK8558 the D&K mini glass waterpipe.

Pretty simple, right?

If you’re fascinated by mini glass hookah, then D&K is a great place to find beautiful and high-quality borosilicate mini glass bongs. D&K Smokingset is a leading manufacturer of glass bongs in China and supplies them across the world.

DK8558 is available, feel free to check it.

dk8558 giftbox

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