How much water in a bong?
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How much water in a bong?

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Why should I put water in a bong?

Bongs are smoking devices that are also known as “water pipes.” They produce smoke from the burning of cannabis or any other herb and filter it through the water-filled in their chambers.

The decarboxylation of the smoking material also occurs in the bong. The primary function is to cool and filter the smoke produced from the burning of smoking material like cannabis or any other herb.

DK6491-glass bong

The cooling and filtration of smoke are only possible through water; that’s why you should put water in the bong if you want to enjoy a good smoking experience.

The water not only cools down the smoke but also filters out ash that could otherwise get inhaled. Water is also involved in the purification of smoke from tar, boiling water. The nasty brown color of the bong after smoking is the big proof of the purification capability of water.

So, water and bong are essential for each other. It means you can’t use a bong without filling it with water.

How Do I Fill a Bong with Water?

Filling the bong with water is a very easy and straightforward task. Before filling the bong with water, it is crucial to keep in mind that you have to fill the bong with water, so it just covers the downstem.

The whole process of filling a bong with water consists of the following easy steps:

  • In the first step, just remove the downstem gently and clean it.
  • Fill the chamber(s) of the bong with water. In the case of a multi-chamber bong, you will start filling the bong from the lower chamber and then the upper one. Fill the chamber in such a way that all the holes in the downstem are appropriately covered.
bottle water to fill the glass bong
  • Using filtered and pure water should be your priority. We never recommend you to use tap water. Bottle water is a good option to fill your bong.
  • While filling the water, make sure that it is between 1 and ½ inches above the end of the downstem.
  • The temperature of water depends on your choice. Some people love cold water, while some love warm. Most of the people are okay with room temperature.

It is essential to test the water before starting to smoke the herb. You can do it by taking a quick, deep breath through the mouthpieces. If water is just bubbling up and not coming to your lips, you have the proper water level in your bong, and you can start smoking.

Why is the water level of the bong significant?

downstem with slits water level
downstem with slits water level

 The water is highly essential for the proper working of your bong because it cools down the smoke to provide a good smoking experience for you. It serves as a filter to remove a lot of the harmful toxins from the smoke.

The level of water in the bong is a crucial factor that highly influential your smoking experience. If you have a perfect water level in your bong, you can enjoy filtered and cool smoke, and pulling smoke from the bong will be easy for you. However, if your bong’s water level is not optimal, you can feel difficulties smoking from it.

If the water in the bong is too little, the smoke will not have a chance to be filtered and appropriately cooled. As a result, you will have hot and harsh hits. Too little water in your bong can completely diminish the purpose of smoking with a bong. If your water is not bubbling or has harsh and hot hits, add more water to the bong to get more incredible hits.

On the other hand, if the water in the bong is too much, pulling smoke from the bong will be harder. It can affect your lungs negatively because they have to work harder to pull the smoke through. Too much water in the bong also causes a risk of getting water in your mouth.

So, an optimal level is vital for the proper functioning of the bong.

What’s the perfect level of water in a bong?

The water level in the bong is a highly significant factor for its proper functioning. Getting an optimal level of water in the bong is vital to make most of it. Many people have a question in their mind that “what’s the perfect level of water in a bong?”

Well, it highly depends on the bong you are using. For example, in a bong with the downstem, you have to fill the bong by considering the downstem. If the downstem has slits, you have to fill the bong in the way the slits and downstem are entirely underwater.

downstem with no slits

If the downstem has no gills or slits, simply submerge the downstem in such a way that it should be two inches above the opening for big bongs and at least half an inch for mini water pipes.

However, the optimal water level is different for different types of bongs. So let’s discuss them separately.

· The water level of glass bong with downstem


Now, as you have the basic knowledge about how much water you should add to the bong, it’s time to explain the optimal water level in different types of bongs. When it comes to glass bongs with downstem such as Beaker or Straight Tube Bongs, you must focus on the downstem during the filling process.

The water filling process is easy for simple Beaker or Straight Tube Bongs.

Pour the water through the mouthpiece into or top of the base. Continue to fill until the downstem is submerged in water. You can also pour the water through the stem by removing the downstem if you want. Filling water in the glass bongs with a downstem is relatively easy as compared to other types of bongs.

· The water level of perc(percolator) bong

D&K double chamber glass bong

When you are using a percolator bong with many chambers, such as a multi-chamber bong, the filling of water can be slightly complicated for you.

As we mentioned earlier, in the case of the glass bong with a downstem, the ideal way to fill a bong with water is to submerge the bottom of the percolator in water.

As we have more than one percolator and chambers, you will have to submerge the bottom of each percolator in water to achieve the optimal level of water in the bong.

So, the best way to fill the percolator bong is by pouring water into the mouthpiece. The water will flow down to the percs on the bottom.

However, suppose you see that water is not properly flowing down to the percs on the bottom. In that case, you can try blowing through the mouthpiece to increase the speed of water flowing. Blowing can help push the water down to the lower percs.

You will continue filling and blowing until all the percolators or chambers are completely filled with water.

After settling down the water in percolators, you should ensure that all percs are submerged in water.

If not, add more water from the mouthpiece to ensure the submerging of percs because it helps provide you with a splendid smoking experience.

Avoid overfilling the chamber. However, if you accidentally have overfilled a chamber, tilt the bong so water can go to the bottom so you can dump it out. You can also fill up the stem of the bong instead of the mouthpiece to achieve the optimum water level.

· The water level of other material bongs

The water filling process is different if you have the bongs made of materials other than glass, such as silicone bongs or acrylic bongs.

The bongs made of these materials are often colored, due to which you will be unable to see the water level.

For this type of bongs, the best way to fill them is to measure the water required to fill them correctly, so the next time, you can perform the water filling process more easily.

To measure the water that requires filling a silicone or acrylic bong, look into the bong and fill it up with water. Continue the filling process until the slits on the downstem are covered. If the downstem has no slits, just make sure that water is filled at least half an inch from the bottom.

Bong Water Levels When Using Ice

If you want cooler and smoother smoke from the bong, you can add some cubes of water but adding ice can also affect the optimal water level in your bong. To add ice in percolators or chambers, remove the downstem first and then add some ice cubes while ensuring that it doesn’t break anything on the way down.

When you add ice in bongs, you have adjusted the water level of bongs by considering the water of ice. Some bongs have specific “ice pinches.” These ice pinches are specially designed to facilitate the use of ice in the bong. They allow ice cubes to rest and turn into the water.

The best practice of adjusting the water level in bong while you are also using ice is to wait for the melting of the ice so you can count its water. After melting ice, you will adjust the water level in the same pattern mentioned earlier.

Why don’t suggest fill the bong with other liquids?

Using a bong without water is considered a foolish endeavor because it is the filtration and cooling medium of the bong.

The water has a unique filtration and cooling capacity that is not possessed by any other liquid. So it would help if you relied on the water all the time you smoked the bong.

Some people try to use wine to replace the water in the bong, but be aware of that because alcohol present in wine can make the smoke toxic and cause some lung-related conditions.

How often to replace the water in the bong?

Changing the water in your bong daily and thoroughly cleaning it at least once a week is considered the perfect practice to keep your bong usable for a long time. It will help to prevent the accumulation of tar or any other filtration debris from the bong.

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