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How to Use D&K Glass Pipe 8319

Table of Contents

What is an oil burner pipe?

An oil burner glass pipe is a pipe that can consume high concentration extract of herbs. This kind of oil burner pipe normally comes from China or India; few are made in the USA. Because it can use for essential oil, so glass pipe manufacturers should use pyrex glass (aka. high-quality borosilicate glass) to make it; otherwise, the normal glass will be melt easily because it is not heat-resistant. Stoners love to use this kind of glass pipe because it is simple, cheap, but useful. You don’t need so many fancy styles on the pipe; it’s just a pipe for enjoying your herb.

DK8319- the best oil burner pipe


DK8319 is one of these kinds of oil burner pipes. But we made a little update on it; we designed a metal bowl on the pipe, connect them with an O silicon ring. In that case, people can use it not only to extract oil but also dry herbs. In D&K, we made the metal and silicone ring easy to take apart. Very convenient to clean your pipe when you want to put your metal bowl back.

This is why DK8319 is always be one of the top selling D&K glass pipes since it created.

And because it sells pretty well, so some other glass pipe manufacturers in China tried to copy our design and announce it is from us. Fortunately, we applied for the patent registration for DK8319, and the patent registration number is ZL201630125800.6. If we find any imitators who are not our customers, we reserve the right to pursue legal action.

The idea of this article

We’ve continually get emails and messages from the end customers about the question how to use D&K glass pipe 8319.

We also find out many people search D&K Glass Pipe 8319 how to use in google.

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So below is the instruction on how to use DK8319.

The instruction on how to use DK8319—dry herb

1. Grind your herb perfectly.

2. Fill the metal bowl with your herb.

3. Suck on the pipe, and cover up the mouthpiece before sucking.

4. light the herb until it starts burning.

5.Keep sucking in until a nice hit has been taken.

6. blow out the smoke you have in your mouth.

The instruction on how to use DK8319—essential oil

1. Remove the metal bowl and silicon ring.

2. Put the essential oil on the ball part.

3. heat the ball part with a lighter, not too close, the top 1/3 of the flame touch the surface is enough.

4. remove the lighter to heat the whole ball, until the concentrate becomes into liquid, and liquid turns into vapor.

5.Tilt the pipe slightly, make ball part lower than the mouthpiece.

6. Because the liquid is still very hot, need to chill it for a second, Inhale gently, not too strong.

Actually it is the same way to use DK8327, DK8330 or DK8328…any other D&K glass oil burner pipes.

If you want to get a D&K glass pipe, you can check online shop, some high quality glass bong items are also available there.

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