As a professional wholesale glass pipes China manufacturer and glass bong manufacturer, the D&K factory (aka Dengke) has been in the smoking accessory field for over 17 years. As a wholesale smoke shop supplies china manufacturer, we provide various smoking accessory: glass bongs, glass pipes, metal pipes, glass bong bowls/slides, metal herb grinders, plastic weed grinder wholesale.

  We are also one of the largest original design wholesale glass pipe China manufacturers.

After such years of development, we have become a leading company in the industry with three factories. One factory production: waterpipe, dab rigs, bubblers, ash catchers, glass pipes, and glass bong accessories. (such as bong bowls, downstems, bong nails, quartz bangers) We have over 20 machines for glass bong making. And we use natural gas as fuel. All of our glass smoking sets are made of high-quality borosilicate glass. They can endure a much higher temperature than regular glass. (About what is high-quality borosilicate glass, you can click the Wikipedia page)

The second factory is a die-casting factory for metal pipes, rolling machines, metal herb grinder, and Plastic weed grinder wholesale. We have 16 CNC machines so that we can produce all these products by ourselves. It could save costs and improve efficiency.  It makes D&K a very competitive in weed accessories wholesale china.

The third one is our main office building located in No.2 Baocheng road, Xianyan Industrial District, Ouhai, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China 325062. We have over 200 square meters of sample rooms. Our smoking accessory products are over 800, and the quantity keeps increasing every month.

We are privileged to connect with more than 270 distributors and wholesalers who sell our products worldwide. 

In D&K, we have one mission and one mission only: Help our customers make much more money.

We are continually investing in R&D, obtained more than 100 national design patent certifications. Meanwhile, we reduce costs, improving our product quality, and packing design. 

As a wholesale smoke shop supplies China factory, we helped some customers became one of the biggest distributors in their local market. We hope you will be next.

Contact us for more details: info@dksmokingset.com

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