D&K Dengke Smoking Pipe

As one of the leading wholesale glass pipes China manufacturers and metal smoking pipe manufacturers in China, D&K Dengke has been in the Chinese wholesale glass pipes and wholesale metal smoking pipes industry for over 17 years. 

As a smoking pipe manufacturer, we keep R&D all the time, till 2021, we have obtained over 100 patent registration, most of them are smoking pipe items.

We are also one of the largest original design wholesale glass pipe China manufacturers.

Our glass pipes are always the most popular ones. Our DK8319—the pyrex glass oil burner pipe, sells over 300k per year in markets like Canada, the USA, Australia. If you don’t know how to use a D&K smoking pipe, you can check this article to know the instruction.

We also have a lot of metal smoking pipes. vintage style, fancy style, pipe kit… Many glass pipe wholesale distributors in USA cooperate with us for years. So there is no doubt you can always find a suitable product for your customers here.

As a wholesale smoke shop supplies China factory, we helped some wholesale smoke shop distributors customers wholesale pipes and bongs from china. Some of them became one of the biggest distributors in their local market. We hope you will be next.

Contact us for more details: info@dksmokingset.com

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