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What are the different types of percolator bong?

Table of Contents

What is a Percolator bong?

When you smoke long enough, you may probably want to start the next level of your smoking experience. And you will know a word, which you may hear before, but back to that time, you have no clue how it works and how many types of them. This word is percolator, or abbreviate as perc.

Percolator is being used in the bong; it is unnecessary but can make it more fun when you do bong smoke. It can create smoke diffusion and cooling down the smoke, filter the impurity, and you could enjoy a smoother taste of smoke. Usually, advanced bong with one kind of percolator, as for premium bong, it will combine two or three, even more, types of percolator.

There are many articles about percolators. However, they only introduce the perc they are selling. None of them is specific. Since you are going to try a percolator bong, you’d better get more ideas about it. As a manufacturer, our perc included all the kinds of them, so let’s take a look at our guide to the common styles of percolators.

1. Honeycomb Percolator Bong

Dengke honeycomb glass bong

There is a perc style that you have to know—-honeycomb. It’s the most common perc. You can see from the name, this shape of perc is like a honeycomb. Smoke filtered and chilled by these small holes, here comes the smooth smoke. The more layer it has, the smoother smoke you get. Two and three-layer are the most popular ones. The most honeycombs item of ours is DK 6222; it has 10-layers. I posted it on IG, and a guy commented: it’s like Costco starts to sell bong, LOL.

Honeycomb perc is a type of disc perc. They are entirely flat and connect one chamber to another. Honeycomb percs have a series of small holes parallel to the base, making the bubbles straight up into whatever is on top. Many water pipes feature multiple levels of honeycomb percs.

D&K honeycomb glass bong

2. Diffused Downstem

downstem diffusion

This is another basic type of perc, a downstem with slits under the water that allows the smoke to pass through it, cooling the smoke. They can either be fixed or removable. You can use a plastic clip to fix them. It can avoid damage to either the downstem or bong.

In D&K, we put a downstem in those bongs without perc on the bottom part. Because without it, for this kind of bong, the smoke can’t go through the water. It is a standard accessory when you purchase this kind of bong.

diffusion 2

3.Tree Percolator Bong

Tree percolators gather many vertical tubes with filtering slits together. These tubes are like jellyfish’s tentacles or the roots of a tree. Usually, we made these tubes in 7 or 8. Like the picture DK6038, it’s seven roots one. First, the smoke passes the central tube, then to the top of the tree, and when the whole chamber is filled with smoke, they will get down and pass through the splits of the arms. The more arms it has, the more smoke is filtered. But it has a con, and the arms are fragile and easy to break when clean. So you must be very careful about it.

tree perc

4.Dome Percolator Bong

Dome perc is the same kind of pillar perc as tree perc, but they are not entirely similar. The Dome perc usually has only one pillar, and the dome covers the pillar. The smoke passes through the arm/pillar first, fills the whole dome, and spreads the smoke to another chamber through the dome bottom’s holes.

In many cases, we make the dome transparent and color the arm part. It can increase a little fun for your smoke experience.

dome perc bong

5.Turbine Percolator Bong

I want to call it diamond perc from the shape, cuz the diamond cuts, making the turbine’s angled slits perc shines brightly. The water and smoke pass through the slits will form into a whirlpool; it can cool and diffuse the smoke. It’s both useful and aesthetic.

turbine perc bong

6.Disc Percolator Bong

disc perc

Disc perc has three layers. Each layer has many slits on it. When the smoke and water pass through these slits, slits can create countless bubbles that diffuse your smoke completely.

7.Circle Percolator Bong

circle perc

Unlike disc perc, circle perc only has one layer, and it always seems small, and of course, works not as good as disc perc. Normally, circ perc is on the bottom part of a bong connect with the joint. Some of our dab rigs also have circle perc on the bottom.

circle perc 1

8. Barrel Percolator Bong

barrel perc

If you see it not carefully from a distance, barrel perc’s shape is similar to disc perc. But barrel perc is cylindrical, and each pore is evenly distributed, looks like a tire. With this structure, it can make better diffusion and bubble. Someone may call it Matrix Percs.

9. Showerhead Percolator Bong

Showerhead looks just like its name. Big at both ends, small in the middle.

Showerhead percs are a hybrid design between barrel perc and a turbine disc perc. This design works to push smoke through a bunch of tiny holes while also reducing drag.

10. Ratchet Perc

roller percolator

10.Roller Perc Ratchet Perc someone may call it Matrix Percs

Roller perc, I would like to call it a smaller version of barrel perc. It’s aclinic, and the diameter of the roller is much smaller than the barrel, which makes it also fits for bubbler and dab rig. Though it looks tiny, the surface holes can reduce resistance, which works perfectly. someone may call it Matrix Percs

11.Coil Percolator Bong

coil perc

The coil perc is twisty; the two sides of the coil connect with other chambers; the twisty tube lengthens the time for the smoke to pass through, it helps to chill the smoke. 

12.UFO Percolator Bong

ufo perc

UFO perc is an updated version of dome perc. The arc at the bottom enlarges the holes’ size. Smoke comes in from another chamber, passes through the pillar, and then diffuses downwards from the holes, makes a better diffusion effect. Also, it’s easy to clean.

13.Swiss Percolator Bong

Doughnut Percs and Fab Egg styles are two types of Swiss Percs.

Swiss perc’s name is originated from cheese. The holes on the bong body are just like cheese’s holes. Airflow around the hole helps reduce the resistance and diffusion of the smoke. It’s both functional and cool design. We don’t make this shape, though it looks cool, so it’s a picture online.

14.Donut Percolator Bong

donut perc

Doughnut Percs only have one hole on the central. The singular hole split water and smoke, creating diffusion and acting as a natural splashguard.

15. Faberge Egg Style Percolator Bong

faberge egg percolator

The Faberge egg perc’s name is originated from the swiss cheese-looking holes. Airflow around the holes helps reduce the resistance and diffusion of the smoke. It’s both functional and cool design. This is why it has been viral since its created.

16.Inline Percolator Bong

inline perc

Inline perc is in the bottom position, it’s like a downstem filled with slits fixed inside the glass bong, and it connects to the joint part, entirely submerged into the water. The function is also similar to a downstem.

17. Ash Catcher

ash catcher

Ash catcher is an extra piece of equipment; it has two connection joints, one for the glass bong joint, one for the joint bowl. It always with honeycomb or some normal kind perc to make smoke purity. You can use it with a basic glass bong or use it with a perc bong to make a better smoke experience.

18. Cross Percolator Bong

cross percs

Cross percs can place on the bottom or above. The cross-shaped splits take a downstem filtration system and combine it with a series of cross-shaped tubes that branch out of the center to divert the smoke and moisture away from the center of the bong to avoid splashing.

19. Sprinkler Percolator Bong

sprinkler perc

Sprinkler perc has many arms, and it bends at an angle to avoid backflow; the water and smoke pass through these arms into the new chamber. According to the hydraulic pressure, the water may be splash to the glass when you inhale from the mouthpiece, so it usually won’t be placed close to the mouthpiece.

20.Fritted Percolators

fritted percolators

The shape of fritted perc always reminds me of the peach pit. Fritted perc has countless splits on the surface. This greatly increases the amount and efficiency of bubbles produced; it is the most fantastic kind of perc. The annoying part is, when you clean the bong after using it, it takes a while.

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