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What is a multi chamber bong?

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What is a multi chamber bong?

tree perc

A bong is a filtration device that is used to enhance the smoking experience. Bongs have made smoking cannabis or other herbs not only easy but full of taste and enjoyment. The bongs are of many types depending on their shape, size, and features, but based on chambers in them, bongs have two major types:

  • Single-Chamber Bongs or Glass Pipes
  • Multi-Chamber Bongs

As the name implies, multi-chamber bongs have more than one chamber for the filtration of smoke.

A bong with many percs is the best example of a multiple-chamber bong because it has space between the percs. The multi-chamber bong works like a simple bong except for the passing of smoke through more than one chamber. To smoke multiple bongs, a chamber is filled up with water.

This chamber is usually in the bottom part because smoke’s buildup starts from the bottom of the bong when you light the bowl. When you inhale the smoke in a multi-chamber bong, you pull the smoke from the bowl that is coming through the water-filled in more than one chamber.

The multi-chamber bong is best for smokers who want to filtrate smoke from a high amount of water. Having more than one chamber allows you to do more at once in one hit than when you only have one chamber.

Some people love to fill one chamber with hot water and the other with cold water because hot water removes tart from smoke more efficiently than cold water. Multi-Chamber bong can boost your smoking experience by many folds.

What are the different types of Multi-Chamber Bong?

D&K double chamber glass bong

Based on the number of chambers, a multi-chamber bong divide into the following types:

1. Double Chamber Bong

Double chamber bongs are just like single-chamber bongs: the only difference is that there is an extra section for smoke filtration. This extra section also holds water. It means, in a double chamber bong, both chambers contain water to enhance the filtration capacity of the bong. The smoke passing through two chambers cleans all hazardous items, so you get a safe smoking experience. The double chamber filtering system is also helpful in providing a more incredible and smoother experience to prevent throat burn.

Double-chamber bongs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes in the market. You can find almost all types of styles and materials in double chamber bong.

A double-chamber bong is nothing less than a beautiful showpiece to look at, but it is even prettier when it works. The two chambers of the bong work together to diffuse the hit and give you the most flavorful hits every time you smoke.

Filling up and using the double chamber bong is easy. First of all, you have to determine how much water is required to fill both chambers of the bong. Then you will start with the bottom chamber by keeping slits in the water. You can fill the top chamber from the mouth and cover the slits when the bottom chamber fills up.

Although double-chamber bongs take a lit bit more time to fil, they can add a massive boost to your smoking experience.

2. Triple Chamber Bong

D&K triple chamber glass bong

As the name implies, the triple chamber has three filtration chambers to offer a premium smoking experience. These chambers function together to diffuse the smoke for extra cool rips. Many triple Chamber bongs are crafts with thick borosilicate glass. It is the best choice for both regular and beginner bong smokers. 

Triple Chamber Bong is equipped with powerful percolators to make sure you enjoy every hit. In a typical triple chamber bong, the smokes enter the water chamber after moving through the joint from where the cooling process of smoke starts. After that, the steam passes through the showerhead percolates that have many slits to remove harsh qualities from smoke to provide you perfect taste.

Then the smoke passes through the third chamber, where the process repeats, and finally, it comes to the mouthpiece so you can inhale it. Triple Chamber Bong allows you to fill one chamber with cool water to get even more excellent smoke. 

Almost all triple chamber bongs come with a sturdy base that allows you to keep them on your table without worrying it will falling over. While buying a triple chamber bong for you, it is crucial not to compromise that quality with price. 

3. Four Chamber Bong

D&K four chamber glass bong

4 Chamber Bong has four chambers for water filtration of smoke. It means the smoke of cannabis or any other herb will come towards you after filtration from four water-filled chambers.

4 Chamber bong is specially designed to provide you with some powerful smoking hits with a splendid experience. However, they are somewhat expensive, still best for the people who want to take smoother and cool smoking to the next level.

The four chambers of this bong also make it visually attractive because of its intricate design. These chambers play a vital role in preserving the flavor of herbs and provide you the fresh hits. Most of the four-chamber bongs are made of high-quality borosilicate glass that provides maximum stability and durability.

How does a multi chamber bong work?

A multi-chamber bong is a type of bong with more than one water-filled chamber for the filtration of smoke. It works just like a single-chamber bong.

The only difference between a multi-chamber bong and a single-chamber bong is the number of chambers. You can use the extra chambers for high filtration of the smoke or make the smoke cooler and smoother. Depending on the number of chambers, half of the chambers are divided into lower chambers while the remaining are into upper chambers. Both lower and upper chambers hold water, so the smoke is filtered multiple times before reaching you.

Multi-chamber bong provides much cooler and smoother smoke as compared to single-chamber bongs. That multi-chamber bong is the choice of many people.

Multi-Chamber works in the following easy steps:

  • Fill the bong chambers with water. First, fill the lower chambers and then the upper chambers through mouthpieces.
  • Cut down small pieces of herbs you want to smoke and place them in the bowl.
  • Light up the bowl.
  • Start pulling the smoke towards you and enjoy a fabulous smoking experience.

How to use a multi chamber bong?

Using a multi-chamber bong is very easy. Just pour the water through the chambers from the mouthpiece and make sure both are filled appropriately. Once both the chambers are filled with water, you can stop filling and light up the bowl to enjoy your herb. Using a multi-chamber bong is as easy as a single-chamber bong.  

What’s the advantage of a multi chamber bong?

D&K's multi chamber bong

Multi-chamber bong has several advantages over single-chamber bongs. The first and the most important advantage of using a multi-chamber bong is the extra filtration of smoke that provides you with a purified and non-hazardous smoking experience.

Multi-chamber bong is also highly durable and long-lasting. It provides you with a high smoking time as compared to a single-chamber bong. Unlike single-chamber bong, you will have an extra chamber in a multi-chamber which you can fill with hot or cold water according to your requirements.

We recommend you fill one of the chambers of a multi-chamber bong with hot water as it is more efficient in purifying the smoke than the hot water. According to the research studies, hot water can purify the smoke from tart and hazardous chemicals. So, filling at least one chamber of your multiple-bong with hot water allows you to enjoy a safe smoking experience.

Although multi-chamber bongs are slightly expensive, they are best to enhance your smoking experience. The smoke is filtered twice before entering your mouth, which means it is made sure that you are smoking pure herb without any harmful agents.

That’s why we recommend you choose multi-chamber bongs. The more the chambers in the bong, the strongest and powerful hits you will get! Because the multiple numbers of chambers increase the quantity of water in your bong, which allows maximum filtration of smoke.

What’s more, do you want to? Multi-chamber bong is easy to use, clean, and fill with water. You will use it just like a one-chamber bong. The only difference is that you have to fill more than one chamber in that case.

Multi-chamber can take your smoking experience to the next level thanks to its ultra-filtration mechanism.

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