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Why A Metal Bong Bowl For Glass Bong?

Table of Contents

What Is A Glass Bong Bowl?


A bowl is also known as a joint, a slide, a cone piece. People from different countries call it in different ways.

It is an essential component of a glass bong (water pipe), recycler, and bubbler. You need to insert it into your bong joint part; it can help to hold your herb or tobacco. When you finish your smoke experience, you can remove it for glass bong clean easily.


The Material of Glass Bong Slides

A bowl for glass bong can come in glass, metal, ceramic, or any flameproof and heat-conducting material. But glass bowl is the most commonly use one.


The Size of Glass Bong Bowls

There are three different sizes of bowl, 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. It can be either male or female.

When looking for a new bowl, you need to choose the one that is the opposite gender of your bong’s joint.

But how to distinguish a glass bong’s gender? You can check our youtube video ([D&K Dengke] How to match glass bong bowl & glass bong, It’s between 1:20-2:11)

Why Should You Choose A Metal Bowl For Glass Bong?


A metal bowl is made of metal material, aluminum, stainless steel, and some other alloy. They are simple and durable.

We are the first glass bong manufacturer in China who started to make metal bowl joints. This item has a patent registration number:201830171222.9. We print it on the giftbox of our glass bong.

We found out the glass bowl could be fancy, in different shapes, but it is easily broken.

So we did the R&D and made the metal joint with stainless steel.

It is durable, you don’t need to worry about to buy a new one when it drop to the floor accidentally.

And we know, the metal could reach a really high temperature in a short time when you ignite your herb, so we made an extended circle for you to hold it and won’t get burnt.

Stainless steel is cheaper than aluminum, and it could meet most of the customers’ budgets. So this cost-effective item is very popular for wholesale customers.

Here Are A Few Reasons Why You Should Choose A Metal Bong Bowl For Your Water Pipe.

A metal bong bowl piece is more affordable

  • A metal bong bowl piece is more affordable

When you buy a water pipe to enjoy weed or other herbs, you wouldn’t want to burn a hole in your pocket. Equipping your water pipe with a glass or other than metal material bong bowl is a sure way to spend a lot of money.

Metal bong bowl costs less than a glass bong bowl and other materials too. Sure, you can get a cheap glass bowl, but you won’t get an authentic smoking experience. When comparing the bong bowl sizes, you are likely to get more bang for the money spent with a metal bong bowl than a cheap glass bong bowl. 

Glass and other materials typically feature higher costs because of the costly manufacturing process and the cost of the material itself. With glass bong bowls, you can be creative and add artistry to it, which can’t be done easily with metals. But who cares for artistry when you can get a great smoking experience with your metal bong bowl that comes at a fraction of the cost of a glass bong bowl. 

You can find really beautiful and creative glass bowls hand-blown by creative artists. The creative and colorful the piece, the heavier its price. 

A metal bong bowl is more durable

  • A metal bong bowl is more durable

When you buy a bong bowl for your water pipe, you’d want it to be your pipe’s partner for a long time. Glass bong bowls can’t even stand a single drop. You drop it once, and there goes your money wasted. You can find some excellent glass bong bowls that may stand a few tumbles, but you have to spend a hefty amount of money on them. However, it is still glass and prone to break.

Rather than buying a costly glass bong bowl and testing your luck, it’s wiser to invest in a metal bong bowl that surely can stand a million tumbles. A metal bowl piece stays with you longer than you can imagine. You can be careless with your metal bong bowl, which is opposite to glass bong bowls. 

Metal is easier to clean

  • Metal is easier to clean

There’s nothing better than a clean water pipe with a shining metal bong bowl attached to it. It doesn’t only improve the aesthetic appearance of the pipe but elevate your smoking experience as well. A clean pipe with a clean bong bowl makes for a better smoking experience. 

If you want the best flavor, natural aroma, and great hits, cleaning your pipe and bowl piece regularly is essential. Plus, there is nothing more annoying than packing a bowl and finding it unhittable because it is clogged up. Sounds terrible, isn’t it? So make sure to clean it regularly.

Understandably, you would regularly clean up your bowl and water pipe only if they are easy to clean. If it’s quite a challenge to clean them, you’d not care about their cleaning at all. For this reason, you need a metal bong bowl. 

Both metal and glass bowls can be cleaned the same way. But it’s easier to clean a metal bong bowl. You should use poker to ensure nothing is clogging the bowl’s opening or the stem for perfect maintenance daily. Use the poker both before and after smoking to clean the bowl and pipe.

If you are someone who is super hygienic and loves keeping the bowl and pipe super clean all the time, use a rag or alcohol wipe. Both can be used to give an excellent cleaning after each smoke. If you don’t have enough time or simply want to skip daily maintenance, deep cleaning your pipe and bowl after each month is a great alternative.

Deep cleaning can be done using boiling water. Soak your bowl and pipe in the boiling water. You can also drop it in a small food storage bag filled with a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and salt. When given a deep cleaning, both pipes and bowl pieces come out as brand new. If you’re a regular smoker and want to enjoy the best smoking experience, make it your habit to deep clean. Even if you do daily maintenance, deep cleaning is still beneficial. 

Smoking out of metal bowl piece is healthier too

  • Smoking out of metal bowl piece is healthier too

When you’re smoking weed or other herbs, you would want to keep the experience as healthy and natural as possible. Out of all the materials, glass and metal bowl pieces are healthier. When smoking, you’d want your pipe or bowl to combust no additional chemicals and enjoy a natural experience. You enjoy such an experience with a metal pipe and bowl. 

The only thing you need to be careful about is using a high-quality metal material. If you’re smoking out of low-grade material, it can be bad for your health. When you’re inhaling, you’re taking inside everything been combusted, and it’s released into your body. 

Depending on the type of metal and process used to make your bong bowl and pipe, you could be inhaling potentially harmful substances. When buying your water pipe or metal bong blow, make sure to ask for commercial pure and medical-grade material. These include grade 2 titanium, annealed stainless steel and pure brass.

Metal gives strong hits and better taste

  • Metal gives strong hits and better taste

Smoking out of a metal pipe and bong bowl can give a powerful smoking experience. But there’s a catch you need to be aware of; make sure that your metal pipe or bowl doesn’t produce an overpowering metallic taste. It can be challenging to enjoy a strong experience if your pipe or bowl gives a metallic taste in every hit.  

To avoid this downside of metal, you should buy a medical-grade titanium bong bowl. Metal can be hot, and it would be almost impossible to hold your metal bong bowl without burning your grand. For this reason, you need to get your metal bang bowl by D&K Smoking Set. We have a patented metal bong bowl with a stainless steel joint, making it safe and easier to hold.  

D&K Smoking Set is a leading Chinese manufacturer and glass bongs, metal bongs, water pipes, and smoking accessories.  Suppose you seek a high-quality smoking experience and looking to buy durable and high-quality products at affordable prices. In that case, D&K Smoking Set is your best option.  

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